Stylophane Social Media Research

U.S. Republican Politicians have the lead on Facebook over Democrats - 61% versus 38% according to the Stylophane Facebook Politics Index April 2012.
May 10, 2012 - Ridgefield, CT based digital marketing firm Stylophane today announced the launch of the Stylophane Facebook Politics Index - tracking the Facebook & Twitter growth and activities of over 2,000 U.S. Politicians.

The Stylophane Politics Index tracks Facebook and Twitter growth daily as well as the number of Facebook posts, comments, post-likes, Tweets and engagement rates for all incumbent Governors, Senators, House Representatives and their potential challengers in a sortable interactive index.

Each politician has their own social media profile with performance graphs and individual feeds showing their latest social posts and tweets. The Stylophane Index also offers a graph and compare feature to compare multiple politicians' social media performance.

The Stylophane Index also has a 'searchable political social feed' that aggregates all Facebook posts or Twitter tweets in one feed for easy research of social communications by politicians.

The Stylophane Facebook Index is a free social media research tool used by industry analysts and social media marketers and is an off shoot of the Stylophane Facebook Index for Fashion & Beauty which was launched in 2009. Stylophane was founded in San Francisco by partners Alex Mendoza and Marlena Albin and has been providing digital marketing services and strategy to major U.S. brands since 2002.

Stylophane also announced today the:
Facebook Top 200 Most 'Likes/Fans' - Politics Index April 2012